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federWillkommen auf meinem Blog. Hier veröffentliche ich mehr oder weniger regelmäßig Beiträge zu Dingen, die mir im Leben begegenen. Erfahrungen mit Produkten, meine Foto- und Bunktertouren, Haus und Garten, unsere Beagle, Politik und sonstige Themen.

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What Plants Are Edible In The Great Outdoors?

Whether you are an explorer looking to survive off the land or simply a curious person looking to find out more about our world, this article was made for you. Every day we eat fruits and vegetables, things that were once also found in the wild. Surely, this would mean that there are other plants out there that are safe for human consumption?

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Attracting Birds To Your Garden

There are a lot of great reasons to start attracting more birds to your garden. Not only are they endlessly fascinating to watch, but they make great subjects for photography. There are many thousands of different species of birds, and while the ones in your area might vary greatly, there are some general methods of attracting them without worrying too much about a specific species.

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How To Capture Water At Home

Water is absolutely essential to all life on the planet, and there’s not a living being that can survive without it. For most people in the world, having access to fresh, potable water is a privilege, but with the current changing of the climate, we may start to see more and more countries battle to provide enough water to their citizens.

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How To Start Enjoying Photography

Photography is a hobby that just about everyone should give a try at least once in their life. Modern cameras and smartphones allow us to capture those truly special moments in life that would otherwise go unnoticed and give us the chance to preserve those moments forever.

It might seem intimidating to get into photography at first, especially when you’ve heard professionals’ photographers talking about the technical terms and the overall costs of the equipment needed. But for those that just want to take it up as nothing more than a general hobby simply because they have a passion for taking photos, it’s never been easier.

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Making Your Online Accounts Secure

In the modern world of digitization, the Internet has completely transformed the way we live our lives. From communication to learning to entertainment, most people around the world now rely on the internet for a wide range of different uses. At the same time, the internet can be a dangerous place, with cybercriminals constantly on the prowl to find way to break into accounts and steal information.

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How To Care For Your Beagle

Anyone beagle owner will tell you how great of an experience it is to own and look after a beagle. They’re a playful, inquisitive, intelligent, and adorable dog breed that has, over the years, become a favourite across the world. The beagle started out originally as a hunting dog due to its strong sense of smell, and they were used to track down game such as deer and or fowl, or sometimes rabbit. Being scent hounds, they have more than 200 million smell receptors in their noses, making them excellent for sniffing out all kinds of interesting things.

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