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federWillkommen auf meinem Blog. Hier veröffentliche ich mehr oder weniger regelmäßig Beiträge zu Dingen, die mir im Leben begegenen. Erfahrungen mit Produkten, meine Foto- und Bunktertouren, Haus und Garten, unsere Beagle, Politik und sonstige Themen.

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Für eine gesunde und strahlende Haut ist es wichtig, sie regelmäßig mit Feuchtigkeit zu versorgen. Denn nur so kann sie ihren natürlichen Schutzmechanismus aufrechterhalten und vor Umwelteinflüssen wie Austrocknung oder dem Verlust ihrer Elastizität schützen. Was trocknet unsere Haut aus und wie können Sie diese mit ausreichend Feuchtigkeit versorgen? Dazu mehr in diesem Artikel.

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Fake News: How To Spot Bogus Information Online

Fake news is everywhere, and it can be dangerous. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, misinformation has been going viral (if you’ll excuse the pun). Fake news can affect your world view in potentially damaging ways, leading people to refuse legitimate medical treatment and even luring them toward bizarre conspiracies like QAnon.

“Don’t believe everything you read online” is a good guiding principle but the problem is that there is a lot of legitimate information on the internet. Developing a critical eye is crucial to stopping the spread of misinformation. What should you look out for? Isn’t the mainstream media also full of misinformation? We’ll look into this below:

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Sports Supplements For Vegetarians

Sports supplements are some of the many products undergoing a shift in identity as our global perspective of wellness changes. A decade ago, being health-conscious may have meant being aware of certain food additives and doing a lot of isolated exercises at the gym. Today, however, wellness experts are recommending a more holistic approach to health. People want to feel good in every part of their lives, being conscious not just in terms of diet and exercise but also purchasing choices and personal environmental impact.

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3 Delicious Plant-Based Burgers to Make at Home

Meat diets are shown to increase the chances of cancer, diabetes and hormone imbalance, whereas plant-based diets help to give you more energy, look better, and feel better in every way! Hence, the demand for well-made meat alternatives is on a steep incline.

So today I’ve chosen 3 delicious ideas for you to try the next time you’re craving and want to eat at home or even entertain friends at a dinner party.

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Making an Up-cycled Bird-Feeder From Any Plastic Jar

It’s quite lovely having birds in your garden, especially for budding bird-watchers and photographers. Their songs and liveliness are great for atmosphere and entertainment, and the best way to attract them to your garden is with humble food offerings. This is an easy guide to help you make your very own bird feeder from up-cycled materials you can find around the house.

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How to Cleanse Toxins in the Body The Ayurvedic Way

Ayurveda is an ancient yogic tradition of mindful medicinal practices focused on bringing balance to the mind and body. They use a powerful cleanse known as panchakarma whenever there is a buildup of excess toxins from undigested food, emotions, and experiences (ama). This detox is balancing for all constitutions (doshas) and is extremely low-cost. Traditionally, panchakarma is performed 3 times a year, at the change of each season, however you may do it whenever you feel any symptoms of excess ama, which include:

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How to Make a Cleansing Traditional Kitchari

Kitchari, or khichdi, is a traditional Ayurvedic dish used in mono-diet fasting and cleanses like Panchakarma. It is known as a “perfect meal” as it contains carbohydrates, fats and whole proteins and helps to balance the constitution and promotes digestive fire, known as agni in Ayurveda. Kitchari is made by cooking rice and yellow moong dhal (split mung beans) together with warming and flavourful spices like turmeric, cumin, ginger, and black pepper. You can also add vegetables for extra substance.

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